Protecting Taxpayers
  • Twice lowered property tax rates, saving taxpayers $50 million
  • Voted against the Rain Tax
  • Voted against increase in the landfill tipping fee
  • Voted against taxpayer giveaways through Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Preserving our Rural Heritage
  • Strongly supports the county's ag preservation program, which has permanently preserved 47,000 acres to date
  • Co-sponsored legislation to increase the property tax credit for preserved land by 43% (from $35 to $50 per acre)
  • Created Ag Viability Task Force which led to changes in county laws making it easier for farmers to make a decent living
  • Supports funding for county's Buy Local efforts and the county's Ag Marketing Cooperative, which provides grants for farmers
  • Created interagency committee to "Save the Rocks", allowing citizens and government officials to work together in addressing issues related to Rocks Road with minimal impact to Deer Creek and the scenic nature of Rocks State Park
  • Advocated for Monkton residents who wished to keep the Hess Road Bridge as a one-lane bridge to maintain the historic and rural character of the area and to reduce speeding
  • Passed legislation preventing expansion of the Harford Waste Disposal center at Scarboro to encroach within a 1,000-foot buffer of Deer Creek
Strengthening Education
  • Working with fellow councilmembers, increased school funding by 23% per pupil since taking office
  • Embarked on $500 million in school construction and renovation projects, which coupled with redistricting by the Board of Ed has eliminated school overcrowding
  • Forward-funded the reconstruction of North Harford High School
    Enhancing our Quality of Life
  • Supported funding the HMAN broadband infrastructure project which is connecting facilities and making high speed internet available countywide
  • Strongly supported numerous Parks & Rec projects throughout Northern Harford County and countywide
  • Led the fight to successfully add Sunday hours to public library branches
  • Supported funding the expansion of the Whiteford Library


Chad Shrodes, Harford County Councilman

(410) 688-5557
5103 Carea Road
White Hall, Maryland 21161

By Authority: Friends of Chad Shrodes
Taylor Gomez, Treasurer